Was die Läufer und Klubs vom OL im Wipptal halten ...

Olav Ludanes:

Weltranglistenführender und amtierender Weltmeister

Q: In which race or training did you have most fun in 2012 – and why?

I had a lot of fun during 2012, and one of the highlights was the Big 5 days in South Africa in January. …
But the greatest races were the two races at Euromeeting. In the Euromeeting Middle I did not know what to expect and it was a great challenge. The Euromeeting Long distance was just nice. Real Fjord-O terrain as somebody told me :)

Link: www.worldofO.com
Wahl der besten Bahn 2012 ... weltweit

Wolfgang Pötsch gelang Platz 2(!) mit seiner Bahn zum Euromeeting-2012-Event: Middle Men Elite auf Ol-Karte Obernberg.

Wir gratulieren und freuen uns auf dieses extrem gute Feedback!